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Duality, self, ego; to dwell with the Self is enhanced more by the precious commodity of time which we now have in more abundance. Time feels like it has slowed down as a result of the lockdowns and management of a pandemic. The planet is breathing, mother nature has shown that mankind is not truly […]

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Re.: I AM Presence Very interesting material. Regarding the “i am presence”, to identify with an unencumbered self is a very pure experience and a rare experience for some. The notion of removing layers of baggage and eventually peeling back to one’s pure essence of light, clarity and love, which must be as the creator

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I would like to address the topic of freedom, something that I think is in decline in the world. How do people normally define freedom? From the media it can be inferred that people see freedom as being able to say whatever it is that they desire to say and the freedom to do whatever

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Find Your Key

If you have not already found it, find your key – that spiritual quality that you can regard as your specialty. It might be Peace, Joy, Purity, Love, Silence, Empathy etc. It is something that you can really feel as opposed to being a charachteristic like loyalty, commitment, being dependable, a good listener etc. Experiencing

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