Ascension Spiral


I AM Presence

The Ascended Masters speak of our I Am Presence, more commonly known as our Higher Self. So what is our Higher Self and why would we refer to it as our I AM Presence? Our Higher Self is the aspect of us that always remains pure, beyond the dominant duality consciousness of earth, beyond all …

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Sample Covid-19 Prayer

[ The Name Of Your Favourite Master, Saint Or Other Here ], please bless so that the outbreak of Covid-19 is contained, that the cause and core and the effects of the virus are transmuted into God perfection and that those affected make a full recovery. Please also bless those who have lost their lives …

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Saint or Sinner

I would like at the very beginning of this project to begin by looking at the practice of many spiritual seekers of viewing themselves as sinners and the probable consequence of feeling unworthy. I don’t wish to be unnecessarily dramatic; what I mean by “sinners” is the habit of viewing ourselves as being flawed, as …

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