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Duality and Extremism

Following on from my previous post about duality and polarisation I would like to take a look at duality and extremism. Extremism occupies a position on the continuum of polarisation and is usually seen in the context of views held and maybe even actions taken on social, political and religious beliefs. The people who are […]

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Duality, self, ego; to dwell with the Self is enhanced more by the precious commodity of time which we now have in more abundance. Time feels like it has slowed down as a result of the lockdowns and management of a pandemic. The planet is breathing, mother nature has shown that mankind is not truly

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Does duality have a purpose? The world is “full” of it – is there any benefit from it? Is it time to find a better way of being? Before discussing any purpose it may have I would like to describe duality in action in our lives, in the world. Duality allows us to see ourselves

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Q. In native American culture there was a thoery that emotional and mental suffering could not be healed by using the mind, but rather they should be healed by doing physical things, creating something with the hands, gardening, building, drawing etc., creative being the point and in so doing, emotional and mental distress including grief,

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