Ascension Spiral


The Present Moment

Much has been written about “being in the now”, mindfulness, “being in the moment”, etc. I am going to add my personal experience of this wonderful topic and accessing that state of being here. There are many ways to “access” higher consciousness, which is our natural state – being in the moment is just one. …

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Does duality have a purpose? The world is “full” of it – is there any benefit from it? Is it time to find a better way of being? Before discussing any purpose it may have I would like to describe duality in action in our lives, in the world. Duality allows us to see ourselves …

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Four Lower Bodies

The Ascended Masters speak of our four lower bodies. Starting at the “lowest” these are the physical, emotional, mental and identity bodies. These are the levels that are especially relevant to our work while in a physical body. While it is important to work on all four levels as much as possible there is a …

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