Ascension Spiral

Reader Question 1

Q. [ Edited by the author ] I believe that some people are intuitively on a spiritual life journey without an instruction book. I would be interested to know how you would define “spiritual path” and why awareness of it is important to you?

A. This is a very interesting question – why be aware of the path that you are on? My broad definition of someone on a spiritual path is that they at least have awareness that there is something more to life than the ritual aspects of the religion that they were brought up with and the conditioning that they acquired along the way. I suppose you could include someone who is a very ardent follower of their religion in this – you can generally tell them apart from the average believer. Outside of these there are those who create a life based on this or that teaching mixed with various practices and whatever level of intuition is available to them.

Having “defined” a spiritual path I would refer you to this post where I deal with our Divine Plan. If someone is on a spiritual path as you have described and it matches their Divine Plan for this birth then everything is hunky dorey. If this is not the case then it would be useful to consider some unique charachteristics of the present time as opposed to prior to the last hundred years or so.

First, this is the confluence of the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius, a general changing of the guard, so to speak, between two ages.

Second, it is not just the confluence of these two ages but according to Ascended Master teaching the end of the era of the Sixth Root Race and the beginning of the era of the Seventh Root Race and as such there is a small window where “mass” ascensions are possible, especially for Light Workers many of whom are here for a very long time. I’m skipping the coming Golden Age in this explanation.

Third, the Ascended Masters are “intensely” offering their teachings since around the 1920’s to help those who want to ascend to do so.

The Ascension process is hardly a cake walk and if someone wanted to pursue it seriously I believe from what I have experienced that outside help is needed. So I think that the solely intuitive journey would be unlikely to culminate in the Ascension at this time unless it were to involve the dedication of someone like Padre Pio or a Himalayan Master. Again I stress that if this does not appeal to a seeker then that is accurate and right for them and they should rest in the peace of their journey.

It is open to anyone on a path like you have described to intuit at any point in time that they should do more or be more. If that happens and they do more or be more, it’s fine; if it doesn’t happen and they don’t, it’s fine – this is the glory of that path.

I wish you the best on your journey whichever path you follow,