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How To Pray For The Spiritual Decline And End Of Covid-19

I am addressing this post to new Ascended Master students and other spiritual aspirants who would like to pray for an end to the Covid-19 virus and the damage that it is causing. Established Ascended Master students will already have their own process.

The first question is who to pray to? You can pray to any Ascended Master, Saint, Angel, Archangel or more than one, if you wish, or you can pray directly to the Creator. Those from an Eastern background have their own Deities and so on to pray to.

Next is the content of the prayer. Generally it is better to keep the prayer short, well worded, expressed with great determination, faith and fire and preferably spoken if possible. This way the prayer can be repeated a number of times and be more effective overall. Have complete faith, if you can, that your prayer will be heard and acted on.

I will deal in another post with why it seems that sometimes our prayers are not being answered but for now the important thing in the current situation is to make these calls so that the Heavenly Beings can act for the benefit of Mankind. The Law Of Free Will generally requires that we ask for things to be done otherwise there can not be the same level of intervention by the Heavenly Beings.

For the sake of our own karma it is important to include in every prayer that the prayer is being offered with the condition “God’s Will not mine be done”. In this way, if our prayer is not in full compliance with the Laws Of Free Will and Karma we will not negatively impact our karmic balance.

The other important element that should be included in your prayer is that it be directed at “the cause and core and the effect” of the virus / pandemic. This deals with the problem at all of its levels, not just the obvious level.

Finally, while it is important to be determined and fiery in our prayers this should not be accomplished through anger or ill will. Our intention should be pure and our alignment with our chosen higher being as true as possible. While we give our prayers the impetus of our will, that should not be forceful (as in domineering). The task will be accomplished much better through the true alignment with the being that we are praying to and the purity of our intention.