Ascension Spiral

The Present Moment

Much has been written about “being in the now”, mindfulness, “being in the moment”, etc. I am going to add my personal experience of this wonderful topic and accessing that state of being here. There are many ways to “access” higher consciousness, which is our natural state – being in the moment is just one. Each will find the most suited to him or her self.

Let us get straight down to it – make yourself comfortable, eyes open or closed as is your preference. Let your thoughts run something like this:

“I am taking this time to be with myself …. to do something of great importance for me …. the spending of time for my upliftment …. to engage with myself and something higher …. something more. I experience all that is for me in this moment ( all physical sensations, all input from the senses, all thoughts and / or emotions, any higher sense or feeling. Let awareness of space extend as far as it will extend. ) (As all these things are experienced at the same time ) …. I sense that I am at the centre of my universe.”

If you now have a sense of calm or upliftment stay with it for a while. When it is time to finish up bring it with you and wish it for others for as long as it lasts. It will get deeper and last longer with practice.

If some thought or emotion is impinging instead, that is also part of your experience – experience it also as part of your universe at that moment, no more or no less than any other sense or sensation. If you do this correctly you will be separating yourself somewhat from it, weakening your identification with it and exposing it as something that is not you and doesn’t have to be with you. It must first be owned and responsibility taken for it before it can be released. This is the allowing it to be there bit above. Then it is put in its proper perspective as not being part of you, being prepared for release.

If, for example, it is a result of something you did that you consider bad in some way, the first requirement is to stop making the judgement that it is bad. This judgement will prevent release. Condemnation must end. You did something, someone didn’t like it, it was an experience you both had – it doesn’t have to be either good or bad as well, just an action, an experience. You learned from it – condemnation is a step too far; stop and let go.

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