Ascension Spiral

The Number One Priority For A Human Being

Q. [ Being posed by the author ] If the priorities of a human being, and especially a spiritual seeker, could be expressed as one single priority, what would that priority be? What would the one single most important thing to be achieved in life be, regardless of our gender, race, religion or any other aspect of our life?

A. I believe the answer to the question is to know and follow our Divine Plan. If we do this we will achieve all that there is of value to achieve in our lifetime and we need not have any regrets.

So, what is our Divine Plan? Our Divine Plan is a plan or plot of our evolution that we devised when we were first created. The plan can be modified each time before we take rebirth, if necessary, to reflect our situation at that time and any deviations we have taken from our overall trajectory. These modifications that we make prior to taking birth are of particular importance as they serve to bring our overall trajectory back on track.

How do we know our Divine Plan? Some will simply have no awareness of having a Divine Plan and still follow it, some who will have followed their plan faithfully will face a choice during their lifetime and take a wrong turn leaving it in tatters, some will learn what a Divine Plan is and intuit what their own one is. If we have no awareness of what our plan is, we have the option and opportunity to develop our intuition and to recognize it and align ourselves with it.

What form does the following of a Divine Plan take? For some souls they simply live a good life and express their talents and virtues and these are enough to point others in the direction of a better life or a life lived in God. Some souls plans require the expression of some specialized talent such as the establishment of an organisation for the benefit of others, the establishment of industry for economic development and the giving of employment, the leadership of others through education, politics, etc., the discovery and invention of new things and so on.

For a spiritual person the plan will probably include the development of certain talents and simply the living of day to day life in this imperfect world as well as the usual requirements of spiritual development and service of others, the balancing of karma etc. The chances are that if we are living our life well, engageing opportunities to grow and serve we are following our plan closely.

It is normal to, at times throughout our lives, feel that we are lost or aimlessly adrift on the ocean of life but these times usually precede an opening up of a new avenue in our lives and can be remedied somewhat by our striving to deepen our connection to our Higher Selves, God or whoever it is we look to for higher consciousness. The earnest asking for guidance won’t go unheard or indeed unanswered but we need to be alert at all times as the answer can sometimes be found in unusual places, not in the form that we expected and not always immediately. Patience and preseverence at these times!

Many blessings with your own unique Divine Plan!