Ascension Spiral

The Lie In Unworthiness

Before discussing the lie in unworthiness it would be helpful to look at the apparent truth in it. It seems logical that if we err in some way that we may or should be subject to feelings of unworthiness.

In the hypothetical example of someone who has, shall we say, made a serious error in judgement or better still a catalogue of such errors we would not think it unusual for such a person to feel unworthy; unworthy of peoples respect, of their own respect or of God’s love. On the surface, it seems only reasonable that someone in that situation would feel that way – after all “look at the fallout from my words and actions” they would think, “look at the damage I have done”. “How can I ever look people in the eye again?”

It is important to have some self-awareness with regard to ourselves and our actions and it is important for us to be able to take responsibility for those actions but it is equally if not more important for us to be able to assess those actions without condemning ourselves in the process; to see what we did right and what we did wrong without either elation or condemnation – a true and balanced assessment without emotional turmoil.

What is happening here is a self-assessment of our actions which if correctly carried out will make us wiser. If the process is misapplied and negative emotions dominate unworthiness will ensue. But is this really how it should be, does it really need to be this way? If we look at the situation solely from the perspective of the lower self, unfortunately, this is how it will be.

And so to the remedy – when our understanding of our Higher Self, our I AM Presence is clear we know that we are loved unconditionally, as we are in our lower self, even with all our faults and failings and that love should power us to get up and try again and strive to do better in future. We are loved unconditionally and yet still, sometimes, the feelings of unworthiness persist. What then?

It can take time for deep rooted change to occur and there may have to be many prayer and meditation sessions before resolution comes to the fore. We ascend one prayer, one meditation, one day at a time. It happens that we may agree that we are loved and worthy and still there is evidence in our lives that we are, when all is said and done, unworthy. We may make every effort to achieve something only for it to fall apart at the last minute and this pattern may continue in our lives – unworthiness.

If our belief that we are worthy is only on a mental level then we will still have the “symptoms” of unworthiness. There needs to be “agreement” on all levels, in all our bodies (physical, mental, emotional and identity) that we are worthy. There can be complex blockages in any of the bodies that will prevent this agreement, alignment, harmony. In this case it is advisable to make full use of the healing provided by the Masters and the Archangels in particular the Master and Archangels of the Seventh Ray, St. Germain, Lord Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst as well as the Master and Archangels of the Fifth Ray, Master Hilarion, Raphael and Mother Mary.

In conclusion, we must strive to think and act from the inner non-dualistic perspective where we know that we are loved and can love unconditionally and that we are worthy. We must realise that the limited workings of the lower mind can tie us up in the lie that we are unworthy and if we keep believing the lie our life will be lived in a limited realm devoid of freedom. Worthiness is so fundamental to our hapiness and success and necessary for our spiritual work to bear bountiful fruit. Let us live the life of freedom and happiness and others will also become free.

This post should be read in conjunction with Four Lower Bodies, I AM Presence and Saint or Sinner