Ascension Spiral

The Journey That We Undertake Every Day

There is a journey that people undertake every day and most probably don’t realise it. It is an internal journey and while we can chose whether to make it or not, for most it is an involuntary one.

Prior to a journey taking place we have a starting point; in this case we will take it to be our home. This home is our Self from which we “leave” to “travel” to our ego with which most are identified. The identification or rather misidentification with our ego exerts a pull which initiates the journey. This only takes anything from a split second to a short period of time to occur and once completed we, by and large, remain there for the duration of the day until we go to sleep at night.

With reference to the post on duality once we “leave” our Self we enter, that is, we identify with the realm of the ego and duality. In reality we have a choice to remain with Self or to chose our ego but the identification with ego is normally too strong in the early stages of a spiritual journey in order for us to resist the pull. As time passes and our spiritual practices take effect a shift occurs which weakens the identification with the ego and we are able to spend more time in Self awareness.

It is helpful to be able to “recognize” our Self so that we can endeavour to extend the periods of Self awareness. It is ( we are ) there, undisturbed, in the moment or moments after we awaken in the morning, in the space between our thoughts during the day or in moments when we are in “neutral” with no particular thought occupying us. When we first begin to notice our Self it may appear to be nothing or something of little consequence which is why it is so easily overlooked or ignored but once the process of retaining attention on it is established the experience deepens.