Ascension Spiral

The Importance Of Study

Sustaining a spiritual path in the world in which we live requires that we use all the tools at our disposal. One of the most valuable of those tools is the study of spiritual lessons. I learned this many years ago in a previous activity where study was highly recommended. For Ascended Master students this is the study of the Masters’ lessons which are referred to as dictations.

The Ascended Masters’ words are a form of energy and carry the message that is being delivered on many different levels making them transformative not just through the concepts that they are explaining but in the energy and intent of the Master which they carry. This energy and intent to transform is healing for the reader/viewer/listener. It is also easier to remain focused on spiritual endeavour throughout the day when study is part of the daily routine.

The Heart’s Center, which you can link to from the Resources page, have thousands of dictations by a great variety of Masters in their searchable database. All are in video and audio format and many are in text as well. Don’t overdo it!