Ascension Spiral

Reader Comment 2

Duality, self, ego; to dwell with the Self is enhanced more by the precious commodity of time which we now have in more abundance. Time feels like it has slowed down as a result of the lockdowns and management of a pandemic. The planet is breathing, mother nature has shown that mankind is not truly in control, despite their best efforts to the contrary.

Strangely, one of the consequences of people having more time to sit with the Self as opposed to the ego is a huge surge in cases of mental distress and psychological distress. This era in peoples existence has created a real opportunity for self reflection and evolution of the Self. Yet change seems to terrify a lot of people.

On a recent visit to a graveyard I was struck by the number of untold human stories behind each gravestone, each deceased person who has moved on to participate in their eternal soul story. Life as a human being is a transient journey and to be solely focused on the ego element of that journey is such a complete waste of time and opportunity. We are eternally souls on an earth journey therefore one’s soul experience of earth requires an awareness of the Self.

I was also struck by the fact that we are really only approximately two generations away from being forgotten re our ego self in that, for most of us, we hear stories going back to our grandparents and, if we’re lucky, our great grandparents but beyond that we do not know the human stories behind the tombstones of our earlier ancestors.

In our search for meaning to life I believe that awareness of the Self allows our earthly soul journey to be more purposeful.