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Re.: I AM Presence

Very interesting material. Regarding the “i am presence”, to identify with an unencumbered self is a very pure experience and a rare experience for some. The notion of removing layers of baggage and eventually peeling back to one’s pure essence of light, clarity and love, which must be as the creator intended us to be, makes me think that a virtual paradise on earth must have been a possibility in the creator’s eyes, at some point.

Human beings seem to be caught, as a majority, on a never ending treadmill of wanting what is out of reach, mistakenly thinking that they don’t have what they need to be their authentic self. Materialism, class structure, cults, tribes, power I think are fed by fear of solitude, yet contentment in solitude can be true freedom – it removes the cords of destructive energies that are not ours to carry. I find it frustrating to hear so many people refer to their eternal reward being in the next life as if the creator didn’t provide humanity with enough to have a blissful existence in this life.