Ascension Spiral

Prayer To Establish Truth On Earth

Truth is said to be the first casualty of war but really it is so severely compromised in today’s world that people generally have lost it as a reference point for their thoughts and actions. There is propaganda, spin, false advertising, false presentation of facts, inversion, omission, the adherence to narrative instead of facts etc. to the extent that there is no room left for truth.

The few who put their head above the parapet to speak the truth are derided, marginalised and cancelled and even mocked by those whom they hope will benefit from their words. Those who need to listen to the truth most have lost their power of discernment and have become consumed by the egoic need to maintain a status quo making them easy prey to falsehood. For them the messanger is more important than the message and the message is judged by who is speaking it rather than on it’s own merit.

A Golden Age cannot be built on this foundation of quicksand. There are many who work assiduously to bring about a better world and a Golden Age but for that to happen in a timely manner falsehood must be eleminated and truth established as the norm. The time is now for this shift to occur. I do hope that you, the reader, can be a part of this process so I have written a prayer that you can give daily, more than once if you feel inclined. Every effort is wortwhile in this endeavour and is much appreciated by the Ascended Masters.

“As my Holy Christ Self, the Buddha that I AM and I AM Presence of God, in the I AM name and in the name of Ascended Master Hilarion, the Master of Truth I call for the establishment of Truth on earth, in all facets of life, in politics, government and administration, in the media, in international relations, in world and national organisations, in personal relationships. Let the Truth aspect of God be an omnipresent and omnipotent power on earth enabling the timely establishment of the coming Golden Age. I accept this done and sealed, as I AM, in God’s Great Power. God’s Will be done, not mine. In service of God, I AM.”

Feel free to add in some categories of your own in the prayer. God Bless.