Ascension Spiral

Personal Evolution Vs. The Task At Hand

Time does not currently permit posting as much as I would like to but I must “put pen to paper” to begin a new year of writing. The world faces many serious challenges at the present time but the greatest is surely the challenge of getting enough souls with a clear vision of a brighter, new world and the determination to make it a reality working in unison with the Heaven world to bring it about.

Even when we have this vision and determination there is always one’s personal evolution to be dealt with as well. So, if you feel like you sometimes have your hands full on all fronts you are not alone. Personal evolution must not be sacrificed or even postponed, if possible, by losing sight of it through distraction by those things that are required for the creation of the new world. Indeed, would the new world ever become manifest without personal evolution coming first?

It is important not to miss those sometimes fleeting opportunities to see what is at the deeper levels of self, the personality, through being busy with otherwise constructive things. Those fleeting opportunities should be grasped as they arise, as while they will most likely come around again, it may take some time for the necessary alignments to occur. Unresolved psychology, particularily that that has presented itself for resolution, is a burden that can be done without.

On that note I will take my leave, wishing you all the blessings of one Eternal God for the New Year.