Ascension Spiral

I AM Presence

The Ascended Masters speak of our I Am Presence, more commonly known as our Higher Self. So what is our Higher Self and why would we refer to it as our I AM Presence?

Our Higher Self is the aspect of us that always remains pure, beyond the dominant duality consciousness of earth, beyond all attachments and not touched by our lower consciousness. This basic description, however, does not give a true indication of the majesty, pristine purity, benevolence and power of our Higher Self. You could say that it is the God aspect of us; that which was created in the image and likeness of the Creator.

While our Higher Self is not “touched” by our lower consciousness, over our many births it has accumulated a “stock” of spiritual energy from our good thoughts and deeds and the beneficial experiences that we have had as a result of these. The Ascended Masters refer to this store of energy as our Causal Body. The energy in this Causal Body is energy that we received from our Higher Self in the first place and through our benevolent thoughts and deeds it was possible for it to return to our Higher Self in an enhanced form as a result of the free and harmonious flow that occurs when we are closely attuned to our Higher Self.

From this we can see the importance of being in alignment with our Higher Self – as energy flows in this way it increases in “value” and more becomes available to us which then increases in value and on and on it goes. When our thoughts and actions are less than ideal, however, the energy cannot return in this way and we accumulate it as karma.

One way to help us in creating good karma and to bring about alignment with our Higher Self is to identify more and more with our Higher Self which is us in any case. In our earthbound identification we forget our Divinity so making the statement “I AM Presence” in relation to our Higher Self shifts our identification towards the Divine which we are in essence.

I AM is the western equivalent of the eastern OM – “the sound of creation”. The power of I AM must not be underestimated – the name of God is given as I AM THAT I AM in the Bible. We can say things like I AM The Light Of The World, I AM God Freedom, I AM My Brother’s Keeper and I AM Presence (Presence referring to the Higher Self which, energetically, is located a short distance above our crown chakra and is connected to us by the “silver chord”). I AM is a means of creation not just a means of affirmation.