Ascension Spiral


I would like to address the topic of
freedom, something that I think is in decline in the world. How do
people normally define freedom? From the media it can be inferred
that people see freedom as being able to say whatever it is that they
desire to say and the freedom to do whatever it is that they want to
do; put simply, freedom of choice.

With regard to freedom of speech it
is indeed right that people should be free to express their thoughts
and opinions on all subjects. Constructive debate allows people to
express themselves and feel valued in the process. They are also
exposed to alternative views in open debate and may modify their own
views for the better as a result. Freedom of choice in general seems
to be on an increasing trajectory in the world. Things such as
religion and tradition hold less sway than in previous generations
and authoritarian and conservative governments are reducing in

But have people become happier and
freer as a result of those increasing freedoms or have they become
constricted instead? While the ideas of free expression and choice
are very appealing, what if some of that expression, in words or
deeds, increases unhappiness and corrals us into a life of
limitation. Can we know in advance what kind of things we shouldn’t
say and shouldn’t do despite having the freedom and opportunity to
pretty much say and do as we please?

We can hold the idea that once
something is said it cannot be taken back. There is a saying “do
unto others as you would have others do unto you” and there are no
doubt other ideas and methods that we can use to keep us from erring
in word and deed. We can aim to always say and do things that uplift
all life. If our words and actions are not uplifting to all life then
what are they? What is their impact?

I gave my opinion earlier on how I
think people would normally define freedom. I would now like to give
my definition of freedom for you to consider – leaving aside baggage
that I may be carrying that I did not create with my words and
actions in this life, for me freedom is being able to sit in prayer
or meditation without my mind being pulled by my conscience from
things that I have said and done, allowing me to explore my Self
and its spiritual nature in complete freedom, free to go deeper and
deeper into that nature.