Ascension Spiral

Four Lower Bodies

The Ascended Masters speak of our four lower bodies. Starting at the “lowest” these are the physical, emotional, mental and identity bodies. These are the levels that are especially relevant to our work while in a physical body. While it is important to work on all four levels as much as possible there is a certain hierarchy to the four bodies. From a transformative point of view, work done at the identity level will be more effective than work done at the physical level.

Our identity “informs” our thoughts, our thoughts give rise to related emotions and our emotions impact the “condition” of our physical body. Considered from the point of view of our physical body, having a healthy or unhealthy body will not have the same impact in reverse, ie. the identity level will not be influenced by the physical level to the same degree as the identity level influences the physical.

The physical level is influenced by our emotions and things like sunshine, water intake, rest, diet etc.; the emotional level by our thoughts and the company we keep, the type of music we listen to and tv that we watch etc.; the mental level by our identity and the company that we keep, the music that we listen to and tv that we watch, things that we study like philosophy, religion, politics etc. and the identity level by how we percieve ourselves and think about ourselves, how we think others percieve us and think about us, the knowledge that we have and practices that we engage in for self development etc.

I have divided the four levels, somewhat, for the purpose of understanding but in reality more than one level can be influenced by a particular stimulus – for example, who is not influenced on at least the three lowest levels by a beautiful calm sunny day or a beautiful sunrise or sunset? I want to deal with the identiy level in a post for itself due to its powerful influence on the totality of our being and its importance in the ascension process. I will reference it here when it is published.