Ascension Spiral


Does duality have a purpose? The world is “full” of it – is there any benefit from it? Is it time to find a better way of being?

Before discussing any purpose it may have I would like to describe duality in action in our lives, in the world. Duality allows us to see ourselves and others as well as things and situations as having qualities or charachteristics each of which has an opposite and all shades in between. It is a world of structure, concepts, categories and labels.

When we are in duality we are identified with our ego and cannot see our environment directly. It is the ego that is “seeing” but the “seeing” involves a translation from what is to what the ego can perceive and understand based on its structure and programming. This translation is done through the “language” of duality. All creations are by definition less than the creator and so it is with the ego – it is a crude way of being and its language, duality, crude also.

The purpose of duality? I don’t think it really matters what its purpose is or was or why we went down the route of limitation that it is.The benefits? I can’t see any. Duality is a necessary language for the ego and as such will be there as long as the ego exists. Thankfully more and more people are seeing the limitations and restrictions of ego and duality and are searching for someting more, something better.