Ascension Spiral

Duality and Polarisation

The world of duality comes in many flavours and degrees. At the present time we are witnessing a dramatic increase in polarisation – positive on the one hand and negative on the other. On the spiritual level an example of the positive side is the increase in the number of people working for the good of mankind in the form of prayer, light work, civic and charitable works ( those without a hidden motive ) and so on. On the negative side are things, such as selfishness, irreligiousness, bitterness, depression, resignation, apathy, hostility, expediency, manipulation, exploitation etc.

On the temporal level an example of increasing polarisation is the gap between the richest and poorest in society, a gap that has increased all the more during the recent recession and now during the pandemic also. Both the positive and negative charges are increasing in intensity like never before in our history. There has always been this positivity and negativity in duality but it is the rate of increase in polarisation that is alarming. The end point of this continued temporal intensification of polarities is potentially, as in physics, the collapse of the charges in a form of reset to normal levels. While this satisfies the relevant laws of the system it doesn’t end in complete harmony, only in an energetic balance. Both sides will have suffered and as likely as not the process will start all over again but probably in a different format.

The only way to end these spirals of full polarisation followed by collapse, followed by increasing polarisation again is to end duality itself. The negative spirals could be made more harmonious within duality but that would require that everyone becomes more spiritually and psychologically healthy leading to self-fulfillment and the ability to give of themselves and radiate benevolence constantly rather than be seeking outside for that which should be inside. The amount of effort required individually to achieve this would be far better spent in developing nonduality thus ending the negative spirals completely. Nonduality is not about becoming a better human or having a better ego or sense of self in that it is a shift into a totally different way of being. This shift would of course result in those things becoming better but simply making them better would not of itself establish nonduality. My hope is that the Heaven world becomes manifest on Earth; “on Earth as it is in Heaven”, “as above so below.”