Ascension Spiral

Division vs Oneness

In light of my recent post on duality and polarisation, have you noticed the increase in division in society around the world? One religion against another, one race against another, one political persuasion against another, rich vs poor etc., etc., and all in ever-increasing frustration and outrage. All of these parties have at least one thing in common – they can justify their position because they are simply right or they are being put upon by the other side.

So what is the way forward? Is there anything that can be done seeing that each side won’t give an inch? Can the problem be seen in a way that it has not been seen in before, thinking outside the box so to speak?

Here are my questions:

Are the parties involved seeing only the immediate situation facing them instead of the whole picture?

Is there a beneficiary of the division and divisiveness? Cui bono – who benefits? Are the parties being played to some or other extent?

We are moving into the realm of social science here but to keep it simple, people in these situations need to look for and discover the “guidance” that is feeding the division and divisiveness and to recognise that two opposing parties holding vehement views is not healthy for either one and that the source of the “guidance” stands to benefit in some way and benefits much more through division than unity.

The only way to balance this three way dynamic is for the opposing parties to recognise the charachteristics in each other that they have in common and to forge unity on that basis. This would be a temporal expression of what is referred to as oneness on the spiritual level. Division will not achieve anything for those divided no matter how justified they feel in their position. There will just be a back and forth with one winning today and the other winning tomorrow only to have the hollow victories reversed as time, dynamics and the “guidance” dictate.

For true victory, take back control – unify in oneness.