Ascension Spiral

This Ascension Spiral website is my chosen method to provide some assistance to spiritual seekers everywhere at this auspicious time. The material that I will be publishing here is based on the teachings and inspiration of the Ascended Masters and my own life’s experiences. My path so far has included various meditation and healing practices, an interst in the enneagram and psychology, studying the various teachings on non-duality and more recently the teachings of the ascended masters.

It is my hope that in time there will be material here that can be inspiring to all types of people including those of all religions and none, the wealthy, the impoverished, the influential, the disenfranchised, those who believe that they have everything that life can offer and even those who see no future in this life and want to leave. I look forward to bringing new material to the site on a regular basis as my own life unfolds and hope that it contributes to the richness of your experience. Yours, Joseph